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Wavemakers have been available to aquarium owners for years now, but many owners aren’t aware of the multiple benefits of these simple and affordable pieces of equipment.

To help you understand why these machines are so useful, here are the top five benefits that a wavemaker can offer your aquarium:

Why You Need An Aquarium Wavemaker

1. It helps fish stay healthy

In their natural habitat, fish are used to water in motion, whether from waves, currents, or other phenomena.

Having a simulation of this environment within your aquarium will contribute to the fish’s physical (they can choose to swim with or against the waves) and psychological (they feel at home) well being.

Wavemakers are great in a freshwater tank too

Wavemakers are great in a freshwater tank too

2. It circulates water around

“Dead spots,” places where the water doesn’t move are not good for the health of your aquarium.

A wavemaker helps to prevent these by circulating the water around constantly, ensuring every part of your aquarium has access to freshly oxygenated water.

3. It prevents accumulation of detritus

Between maintenance intervals, you’ll notice that loose particulate from food, fish waste, and other sources will begin to accumulate in certain spots in your aquarium, leaving you with unsightly results.

The constant motion created by a wavemaker helps to prevent these accumulations, leaving your aquarium cleaner looking until the next service appointment.

4. It helps coral and other living decor thrive

Coral and many invertebrates can’t move – in their natural habitats, they depend on the movement of water to supply them with necessary nutrients.

In your aquarium, similar water movements are required for the thriving of these animals and plants. The wavemaker’s action brings the valuable nutrients to the coral and other living decor in your aquarium.

Waves accentuates the beauty of your aquarium inhabitants

Waves accentuates the beauty of your aquarium inhabitants

5. It adds to the visual appeal

Along with the numerous practical benefits outlined above, a wavemaker will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium.

They stimulate  fish to swim more, making decor sway with the waves, and generally giving the appearance of a natural and realistic habitat.

Last Thoughts

So you see, wavemakers are useful in every aspect of the aquarium, from the oxygen content of the water uniform to the physical condition of your fish.

With units available at almost every price point, a wavemaker bears serious consideration for inclusion in your aquarium.

Photo Credits: Adam Winsatt, GIF video source: Youtube

What's Yours?

Are you convinced of having an aquarium wavemaker now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Having An Aquarium Wavemaker

  1. Reply Ron Spencer Jan 30,2017 10:14 pm

    What is the smallest tank you can use a wave maker?

  2. Reply Sandice Jun 25,2017 6:40 am

    Hi – I have had a wave maker for a number of years – but concerned regarding damage to a coupe of anemones and jus this minute found my blue tank trapped to the side of the wavemaker – how best can you keep the reef safe from the wavemaker itself without actually putting a cage in- tang looks ok – see how he goes over the next few days

  3. Reply Ian May 21,2018 2:20 am

    How long should you leave the waver makers on?? can the be on for 24/7? or should we use a timer?

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