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Have you checked your tank’s temperature lately? If you’ve installed a new lighting system in your room or in your aquarium, or if there’s a sudden heat-spell in your area (usually happens during summer months), chances are the temperature of the water for your fish is no longer suitable to keep your precious pets alive and kickin’.

Time to install an aquarium chiller! Duh… Haven’t heard of this great contraption?

Skip the basics, jump to Best Aquarium Chillers

Basically, an aquarium chiller is there to beat the heat, just as an aquarium heater is there to beat the frost (read our blog on aquarium heaters here – 6 Best Aquarium Heaters For Your Fish Tank). And contrary to popular belief, an aquarium does not only need a heater to balance water temperature, it needs a chiller as well.

Aquarium chillers come with thermostat control – it cools the water when the ambient temperature becomes too warm for many types of fish, including ocean fish and other sub-tropical species.

What’s interesting is that there will be times when you’d actually need both the chiller and the heater in succession due to extreme weather changes. Several manufacturers of aquarium chillers did have this in mind, so they made chillers that are modular and can be easily replaced with a heater. Some also come with dual-function switches that allows you to switch from heater to chiller or vice-versa (note, though, that the heater and chiller units are sold separately).

Chillers complement the other components of your aquarium system as it strikes a balance in the temperature that’s crucial to keep a healthy environment in the tank.

Most chillers come in two types:-

  • inline
  • or drop-in.

What you choose to install will mainly depend on how it will go with your aquarium system. If you think your aquarium is too crowded, choose a drop-in. But if you think an inline chiller would go together well with the sterilizer and filter, then go ahead.

There are wide choices of great aquarium chillers out in the market. While features and prices vary, there are those that we think are a notch higher in performance and durability. So, without further ado, may I present the 5 Best Aquarium Chillers:

Best Aquarium Chillers

1. AquaEuro Chiller


Max Chill Aquarium Chiller

When it comes to chillers, AquaEuro is a name trusted by aquarium keepers. And not surprisingly so. It’s not only reliable and efficient, AquaEuro chillers uses advanced technology to deliver the best performance in aquarium cooling.

Offering a wide variety of choices – for saltwater, freshwater and reef tanks, AquaEuro stands out for its state-of-the-art features including:

  • a digital LED monitor that shows the temperature of the water,
  • “Quiet Mounts” that guarantees quiet operation and zero vibration,
  • and a compressor powered by Dupont314a.

And, mind you, they’re using ozone-friendly refrigerants,

But the coolest thing about AquaEuro is that it is cheaper than other brands – truly a great choice!

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Here’s a quick video walk through of the Aqua Euro Chiller 1/13 HP:-

2. TradeWind Chiller

Tradewind In Line Aquarium Chiller

Tradewind In Line Aquarium Chiller

Whether in-line style aquarium chillers, drop-in style, or high-performance, the TradeWind series of aquarium chillers have always come out on top. And how?

It has sleek design, it’s cool, quiet and affordable.

TradeWind uses Copeland Condensing units designed to provide optimum performance and durability. It has thermal expansion valves which are operated using an electronic controller.

The built-in sensor has the ability to detect pump failure and automatically shuts off the chiller to prevent damage. Because of this, TradeWinds Chillers are known to last longer and maintain its efficiency for years.

So if you’re looking for value for money and is biased to style and functionality, then TradeWinds will work well for you.

Remember, when you purchase a TradeWinds, be sure to avail of their free installation. Don’t try installing the unit yourself as it could be more complicated than you think. For more information, visit: http://www.tradewindchillers.com/

3. TECO Aquarium chiller


Teco TR5 Chiller

Teco TR5 Chiller

TECO aquarium chillers are well-designed and durable. It’s main selling point is that each product model is designed to simulate natural temperature in the fish tank, thus ensuring all species will adopt well in the aquarium.

The cooling technology used in TECO chillers boasts of high-efficiency titanium exchanger which not only makes it an efficient chiller, but also helps save energy.

While TECO units are designed as in-line chillers, it doesn’t require any hard plumbing because in-line connections, including inlet/outlet connections with valves, joints and tubings, are included in the product package.

TECO aquarium chillers may be more expensive, but consider it a worthy investment. After all, its UK-based manufacturer guarantees efficiency, reliability and advanced technology – stuff that your precious little tank tenants deserve.

4. Oceanic Aquarium Chiller

Oceanic Aquarium Chiller

Oceanic Aquarium Chiller

The Oceanic brand is recognized to provide the most advanced technology in aquarium systems. It has again proved itself to be among the best brands today with its top-of-the-line aquarium chillers.

Each unit is made of titanium that protects it from corrosion due to exposure to salt water or fresh water.

It also ensures accuracy in temperature control which may be done either using auto settings or manually.

A feature unique to Oceanic chiller is that it utilizes a condenser that allows water to circulate in the system to cool the aquarium water. These are called water-cooled chillers which is claimed to be 30% more efficient than fan-blown chillers.

Presentation-wise, Oceanic wins again with its chiller’s innovative design and classy look. It matches well with fully-furnished tanks lived in by an elegant Arowana or other ornamental fish.

5. CoolWorks


Coolworks MicroChiller

Probably hearing the whimper and whine of ordinary fish owners who keep ordinary aquariums, CoolWorks made a cool chiller that solves cooling problems for small and modest tanks.

The MicroChiller is designed as a compact chiller for 10 gallon aquariums and can cool it down to up to 4-6 degrees.

It is user-friendly, easily installed because it has very few moving parts, and lasts a long, long time.

And here’s a bonus feature – the MicroChiller not only cools the aquarium temperature, it also increases the flow of water in the aquarium, thus providing a healthy, happy environment for small, little fishes and their corals.

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    Do chillers heat and cool water. Do I need to have heater and the chiller to keep the water at 30 degrees celsius. Can chiller keep it at this temperature?

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