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Fish Tank Ornaments

Don’t you just enjoy watching your little swimming creatures go in and out of that miniature shipwreck or hide inside Spongebob’s pineapple home?

Colorful, interesting and even comic ornaments can really spruce up your tank and make it more attractive. The kind of ornament you put in can instantly make your tank less conventional and add to the excitement of showing it off to your home guests or even your online followers.

Of course, your fish will also love having those extra hiding places.

Adding fish tank ornaments can also be a cheap and easy way to spruce up your tank on a budget.

Aquarium Ornaments By Theme

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of different aquarium ornaments separated by their respective themes. Check them out below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends too!

Please note: All prices quoted are correct at the time of publish.

Ancient Temples & Ruins

1. Ancient Stone Head Ruin Aquarium Ornament


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an interesting piece of conversation in your tank other than the filter or the water heater? The 1.2 lbs. Ancient Stone Head Ruin would certainly attract attention and might just encourage you to research more on ancient history. The ornament is meticulously carved to look like a real stone head. And it looks even better when algae start to grow around it.

Price: $18.99 on

2. Temple Ruins & Steps Aquarium Ornament


Another good find is the Exotic Temple Ruin which will make your tank look like Atlantis. With this kind of ornament, you’ll have a unique and expensive-looking fish tank in an instant, not to mention it will be a lot of fun for the tank inhabitants to swim over and above the bubbles created from the hollow at back side of the temple.

Price: $21.99 on

Japanese/Zen Garden

1. Japanese Garden Bridge


If you are more inclined towards a Zen-inspired tank, then the Japanese Garden Bridge will fit definitely fit to your liking. This ornament is perfect for 5-10 gallon tanks but would also go nicely in larger tanks. The bridge has been hand-painted and was obviously made in detail as it shimmers under a LED light. The calming effect to you and the whole household of this Zen-inspired design in your tank will be remarkable!

Price: $10.29 on

2. Bamboo Bridge


If you want an exotic Asian look for your tank, then this Bamboo Bridge will be the perfect ornament. The size of the bridge (barely 2 inches) makes it suitable for beta tanks and for a very low price, you can make your tank look like a tropical getaway!

Price: $3.09 on

Pirate Theme

1. Pirate Shipwreck with Sharks Bubbler


With a Pirate Shipwreck , you’re already in for a great adventure; but what if it comes with a Sharks Bubbler? That would be like living the pirate’s dream! This tank ornament is one of the more popular items that many an adventurous tank owner vies for. Your swimming friends will enjoy playing around and inside the wreck and going after the bubbles coming out of the shark’s noses. A pirate-inspired tank will be best for 55-gallon tanks where you can put the shipwreck as a centerpiece.

Price: $9.02 on

2. Sunken Treasure Chest


Of course, pirates love hidden treasures! The color and detail of this Exotic Sunken Treasure Chest are simply stunning and would really make a pirate drool. Having this ornament will make your tank a pirate’s dream. What’s more, fish loves to swim over the bubbles, as if staying on guard from treasure hunters!

Price: $20.25 on (Oopss..almost below $20)

3. Skeleton Barrel Bubbler Aquarium Ornament


Straight out from the pirate’s cove is this Skeleton Barrel which will highlight your pirate-themed tank’s scary side. This ornament tells an interesting pirate’s tale: the skeleton is guarding the treasure loot imperviously hidden in your tank by a band of pirates. For some drama, the skeleton bursts out bubbles from time to time. That’s a good scare you can get right inside your tank! And the fish doesn’t mind at all.

Price: $11.99 on

Nature Theme

1. Marina Decor Polyresin Cave


There are many nature-inspired decors, but this Marina Décor Polyresin Cave looks more realistic with its algae-looking green splashes. The cave is nice hideaway for your beta without you worrying about sharp edges that could harm them.

Price: $7.49 on

2. Marina Deco-Wood Ornament


A similarly favourite place to hang-out for your little betas is this Marina Deco-Wood Ornament. It is realistic-looking when new, but looks even more realistic after some weeks in the water. It weighs less than the Marina cave but sinks just fine and fish would instantly go through and around it, just enjoying its functionality.

Price: $16.99 on

3. Marina Decor Mangrove Root


Another nice addition to your tank is the Marina Décor Mangrove Root. It is a perfect playground for your crayfish but may not be suitable for smaller betas. The ornament looks like a real mangrove root and it complements well with your nature-themed tank.

Price: $21.99 on

4. Rock Arch with Plants


Fish will love playing and hiding inside the Rock Arch. It is natural-looking and will make for a great centerpiece for your tank. When illuminated by light, the rock formation looks so natural and would be a sight to behold.
Rock Arch with Plants

Price: $10.76 on

5. Hollowed Out Tree Stem


The Hollowed Out Tree Stem would be a nice addition to other nature-inspired decors in your tank, but may also be an enjoying playground for little betas and other smaller water species like dwarf frogs. The color and texture of the ornament make it look like a real driftwood.

Price: $8.14 on

Cartoon Theme

1. Finding Nemo


If you discovered your love for aquarium via the Finding Nemo film, you’re not alone! Many aquarium owners found inspiration from this Pixar film, enough to encourage tank ornament manufacturers to make not one, not two but all the Finding Nemo characters as ornaments! Now you can have the whole Tank Tribe right in your own tank!

Price: From $3.99 onwards on

2. Spongebob Squarepants


Want to create your own tank-version of Bikini Bottom? Spongebob, Patrick and their Bikini Bottom friends can be playmates to your little fishes. That’s how exciting and fun your tank can get if you choose these favourite cartoon characters to spruce up your tank.

Price: From $5.29 onwards on

3. Spongbob Squarepants Pineapple House


And who doesn’t love Spongebob Squarepants? Your fish can be Spongebob’s little housemate if you get this cute ornament that comes with little smoke pipe where bubbles come out. Just add the Spongebob character ornament and your fish will happily play on.

Price: $9.99 on

4. Dora The Explorer


Little kids love Dora. So if you’d like to impress your tank’s little admirers, then go for Dora the Explorer character ornaments. Your tank can’t get any cuter than that! Hurry, though, this ornament is so in-demand, supply rarely lasts a week.

Price: $5.29 on

What’s Your Theme Of Choice?

Many times, the personality of the tank owner is reflected not only by the kind of fish he or she chooses but in the way he or she designs the tanks with plants and ornaments.

So when designing your tank, think of it as similar to building your own home in which you meticulously plan every nook and cranny, every corner, until you finally say: “Wow! I love this place!”

And you’ll be surprised to know you can have those really nice ornaments in your fish tank at less than $20 and with very little effort because you can buy them online!

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    I have a mini mountain with lots of ins and outs my betas love it. I have a male veil beta “Blue” and a female half-moon beta “Ruby”. I have a 3.5 tank.Easy to take care of the tank.Sits on my drawing table. very relaxing. this the right tank for my fish and me.Oh almost forgot “Moss Ball”.

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