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Manufactured by:
Hagen Fluval

Reviewed by:
On June 22, 2013
Last modified:June 22, 2013


The Fluval Edge offers unparalleled design and functionality in a small aquarium. Comes stocked with LED lights and filter to get you started right out of the box!

The Fluval Edge aquarium is a unique take on the traditional fish aquarium.

This stylish aquarium appears to float in the air while also hiding all of the required components. Hidden in the column you will find the filtration system and necessary wiring.

You can observe the actions of the fish from all angles. This contemporary design is compact allowing it to fit almost anywhere complementing your home’s design.

The Hagen Company and Fluval Products

The Hagen company was started more than 50 years ago by Rolf C. Hagen. Starting as a family company, it has now become the largest privately owned manufacturer and distributor of pet products. Amazingly, the company has retained its original dedication to families and pets.

Hagen has developed and manufactured products under the Fluval name for over 30 years. Fluval developed the first canister filter in 1982. Since then they have become trusted partners for aquarium enthusiasts.

They produce products that are not only innovative, but also reliable. One prime example of their creative and efficient design is the Fluval Edge.

The Fluval Edge Aquarium

FluvalEdgeLivingIf you have always wanted an aquarium, but do not have the space for one, the Fluval Edge is your answer. Because of its unique design, it is perfect for small spaces like countertops and desktops.

It also has an innovative feature that hides the filtration system and required wiring. This keeps the view unobstructed and your space uncluttered.

Fluval Edge aquarium kits come with the 6 sided sealed glass aquarium, striking LED lighting, a powerful Edge filter and Nutrafin water treatments. This is truly a beautiful, easy to start aquarium.

This product line offers two different models:-

1. Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

This cube-shaped aquarium holds 6 gallons of water. While the 3 stage filtration system helps keep the water crystal clear and healthy for a well-balance aquaria.


Fluval Edge 6 Gallons is available in 3 Colors – Black, White & Pewter

It has an LED lighting system that brings out the brilliant colors of your fish. The 21 LED lights create a bright, natural environment for your fish and plants. Additionally blue bulbs are included to create a moonlight effect.

2. Fluval Edge 12 Gallon

This model offers the same visually stunning 6-sided glass aquarium. The LED lighting has 42 lights to create a stunning scene. Blue lights are included to create the moonlight effect.

Fluval Edge 12 Gallons

Fluval Edge 12 Gallons

Also included is an effective filtration system to keep your fish healthy. This aquarium holds 12 gallons of water rather than 6 gallons as mentioned in the first model.


Easy To Assemble – The Fluval Edge has some clear benefits. For one, it is easy to assemble. Larger aquariums can be difficult to manage and difficult to put together. But the Edge comes ready out of the box and it doesn’t take a mechanical engineer to assemble.

Elegant Design – Another benefit is the elegant design. There is no other aquarium like this one. In fact, you can enjoy your aquarium from all angles with this tank. The sealed glass top offers a terrific aerial view of your fish as well. The Edge makes a fantastic addition your home or office décor with its beautiful design.

Easy To Maintain – Finally, this aquarium is easy to maintain. The integrated filtration system keeps the water clean and healthy for your fish. With the help of algae magnets and a small gravel vacuum, your aquarium is easy to clean and maintain.


As much as we love this nano tank from Fluval, it does still come with some downsides. While the size of the aquarium offers a great advantage in having many options to place your tank. The compact size kind of limits the choices of fish that you can keep in this tank.

Therefore, it is important to consider how large the fish will grow when deciding what to place in the tank. For example an angelfish can grow up to 6 inches even though it might have been only 1 inch when you purchased it.

You will want to choose fish that stay relatively small. Some possible choices better suited for this aquarium include bettas, red cherry shrimp and guppies. For a more detailed guide on stocking your Fluval aquarium, read here.

Overall, this is a solid investment for the beginning aquarist. Advanced aquarists might feel limited by the size of the tank, but the beginner will love learning the basics of aquaria. This is a great way for you to learn about fish while also enjoying the beauty that this tank offers.

Additionally, the low maintenance makes this a great choice for a first aquarium.

What Others Are Saying

Fluval Edge Lights

People who have purchased this aquarium love the design. Being able to see the fish from all angles is something that is truly unique about this aquarium.

The space-saving features allow the aquarium to be enjoyed in parts of the house where you would not normally see one. Some examples might be on a kitchen countertop, on a desk at work or on a bookcase.

Additionally, people appreciate the LED lighting. The lighting covers the entire top of the tank illuminating all parts of it. Traditional tanks might have a light or two near the center, and then the light radiates out from that point.

This bright LED lighting creates a natural look from the top to the bottom of the aquarium. There is also a feature where you can turn on only the blue lights. Many people enjoy turning this on at night seeing the fish swim through the moonlight.

The only drawback noted by others is the small opening located on the top of the aquarium. Some people have had a difficult time reaching into the tank to add new fish or to clean the tank. However, they said this can be easily remedied by first removing some of the water and by removing any decorations near the opening.

Overall View

FluvalEdgeKitchenIn closing, the Fluval Edge offers unparalleled design and functionality in a small aquarium or otherwise known as a nano tank.

Although this small size limits the type of fish you should purchase, it allows you to place the aquarium in almost any location.

Two models available include a 6 gallon aquarium and a 12 gallon aquarium. Both models offer spectacular LED lighting and a dependable filtration system.

These components are creatively hidden in the pedestal, which allows you to observe the fish from all sides.

Your Thoughts On The Fluval Edge?

What are your thoughts on the Fluval Edge? Have you been impressed with the contemporary design? What types of fish have worked well for you? Please share your thoughts with us.

The Fluval Edge offers unparalleled design and functionality in a small aquarium. Comes stocked with LED lights and filter to get you started right out of the box!

About Dennis Hanson

Dennis is an experienced aquarist with many years of knowledge and experience in keeping successful tanks. He also has no relations to the pop group Hanson.

20 thoughts on “Review: Fluval Edge Aquariums – Worth The Money?

  1. Reply B Miguel Aug 31,2013 3:51 am

    My favourite part about this is how the contemporary style of the fluval edge compliments with my urban home decor. Totally love this purchase. It simply fits any spot in the house.

  2. Reply Elnora T Aug 31,2013 4:44 pm

    I like how the LED makes it look like a television screen in the dark. It’s probably the way the LEDs are located, but somehow I find the lighting makes the view more mesmerizing, especially when it highlights the ripple effect of the water.

  3. Reply Ken H Jan 2,2014 11:11 pm

    Love, love, love the Fluval Edge 12 gallon. Beautiful contemporary design! A great addition to our family room. Looking forward to putting another Edge in my office.

  4. Reply Jo Jun 7,2014 3:53 am

    I love our 12 gal edge! A bit of a pain to clean but would still recommend it! And my cats love it and can’t get at the fish! 😉

  5. Reply Ed Jun 9,2014 10:17 am

    If you have a contemporary home, this is the aquarium that you will go for. The writer is pretty spot on about the pros and cons. I have the 6 gallon Fluval Edge in white colour, it looks stunning on my side table and I love the fact that it is so quiet! I have added a small bubbler in the tank, the air tube can be easily concealed with other electric cords.

  6. Reply Karl Sep 28,2014 5:34 pm

    worth the money I suppose for a fluval edge now that they have LED Lighting but if you were like me buying them when they first came out they came originally with mini halogen light bulbs that constantly needed replacing our fell out of their sockets into the water submerging themselves and filling up with water. I eventually had to gut the whole lighting system and add a LED light myself that doesnt do a great job at all lighting the tank. I contacted them about the situation and basically they told me tough luck. its too bad the consumers couldnt be protected while the developers progressed and made it better. but never took care of the original buyers

  7. Reply Jennifer Ryan Dec 4,2014 9:18 pm

    Agreeably the 12 Gal is a pain to clean. Having said that; I absolutely love it! (Wish Hagen would make an even larger model.) Consider cleaning part of the hobby.

    I recommend getting a power gravel cleaner which clears the water of debris but leaves the water as well as using the traditional tube & hose method for changing out the 20% water volume.

    Final thought is that I think the 12 gal would make an excellent sm. salt water tank!

  8. Reply Harriet Dial Feb 5,2015 2:13 pm

    Love my fluval – but…removed the blue light because after research, found it will make fish go blind. Cut off all lights and just use natural room lights in a room full of windows in New Mexico…seriously considering moving up to Fluval 25 gal.

  9. Reply Nancy Feb 13,2015 3:10 pm

    DO NOT buy the Fluval Edge. My light has corroded twice. Customer service said that it is sealed but I can tell you that moisture gets in. I asked about replacing the light by buying another style and she said there are none that will work with this aquarium. So now I have a lovely aquarium that can not light. Not much point. It is ridiculous that they are still selling these without fixing the lighting problem. What a waste of money. If I could add pictures I would show what it looks like. The same thing happened twice. And this is the light that was supposed to SOLVE the same issue with the old light. So no – not at all worth it unless you are looking for a short term aquarium (maybe a year).

    • Reply Bill Jun 16,2016 3:32 am

      I have had the same issue. The light is getting water in it due to condensation, and it is condensing *inside* the led compartment so it is rolling around when tilting up the apparatus and because it is “sealed” there is no obvious place to drain the light.

      As a design flaw, this should be incredibly easy to fix. However, like the previous respondent, Fluval has not fixed this for me under warranty.

      It’s a nice aquarium out of the box. 8 months in, not so much.

  10. Reply andrea kenney Mar 9,2015 7:15 pm

    Dear Sirs, and fellow aquarium owners. this aquarium is as handsome as they come. It really is beautiful. I apparently acquired mine after lighting issues were fixed. I do not have lighting issues. On my own, I have decided that fish would like conditions as natural as possible, thus, I rarely use the light. I know of no river that looks bright. I also decided that the blue light was for the pleasure of the tank owner, and never use it. I will say here and now, this tank is a horror story to clean. My tank is heavily planted, and I have reproducing fish that need the plantings. Since these are real growing plants, I avoid them when vacuuming, and try to concentrate on areas that do not have plants. The closed top of this tank makes it a monumental task to try to reach all areas that one would like to vacuum. In addition, taking the filter out and apart is such a bitch. The wire has to be guided through the black column,to be taken out This makes such a loud noise, as well as being back breaking, leaning over while messing with this wire. I clean all parts of the filter, and the little impeller as well, which needs cleaning. If one just took out the “basket”, the chore would be vastly different, but I know the impeller parts needs attention. I would not recommend this to my 8 year old grandaughter, or any adult that does not have the time and inclination to clean as I do. I think if the opening in the top were bigger, and the wiring different, it would be acceptable.

  11. Reply Le Pash May 14,2015 11:15 pm

    The fluva edge is perfect :)

  12. Reply DebraL Nov 29,2015 3:09 am

    Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon looks really cool and easy to set up but has a vent on lower side that can suck fish in by their fins and they struggle to get free. No warnings in literature. Tank is too small for larger fish that could survive the vent. Don’t spend the money.

  13. Reply José Dec 8,2015 12:19 am

    I like an aquarium with a clean look and practical, permiting to adapt several accessories if needed.
    I do like Fluval’s design, but it can be a bit limitative.

  14. Reply Michael Christiansen Feb 1,2016 8:33 am

    I bought this 23l Aquarium because I loved the design, and i wanted to set it up in the Iwagumi aquascape style.

    It was a complete disaster, the LED light is simply too powerfull on the white light, and contains none of the red light spectre that plants need to grow, and this would also hold true with the blue ligt to a lesser extent, im a landscaper, and the growth mechanics of plants comprised for a major part of my study time.

    My plants started dying on me within 2 weeks, and I have practiced aquascaping for many years, so I vent straight back to the store, wich sadly had been bought by MaxiZoo that then closed it withouth further notice.

    I then contacted Hagen coustomer service, and got completely brushed off. Then they asked me to contact the German division, wich i havent heard from in over 3 months now.

    Overall its a nice Aquarium, but if your looking to grow any plant that cant do with fine just by the daylight in your room, dont buy it.

  15. Reply Rick warren Feb 25,2016 9:30 pm

    I have been in the hobby/ buisness for 30 plus years.

    I pretty much endorse all fluval products.
    I would like to see an aquarium line like the edge, go
    Up to at least 55-75 gal range!!!!
    It internal filter block needs to be on back wall, or at least have the option.
    I could have sold multiple units over the years.
    Awsome design..

  16. Reply Darrell Janes Sep 21,2016 3:38 am

    Hi, I’m about to purchase this aquarium and was wondering how noisy the filter is, as I will be placing it in my bedroom/office. Any comments would be appreciated.

  17. Reply Meghan C Sep 26,2016 7:47 am

    A hidden gem perfect for the small six gallon, are the Scarlett gem badis. I have four, and lots of live plants. These little fish are gorgeous, they have the fun personality of the little dwarf cichlids, as well as it has a brilliant red color with flecks of blue. I have black plant substrate and it gives it a great touch. Kinda a pain too clean, but all tanks/filters are.

  18. Reply Isabel Feb 25,2017 8:08 pm

    This aquarium was beautiful for a few months, then it was quite difficult to clean because of the small opening on top. Forget about cleaning the gravel, unless you remove all your fish there is no way you can clean it properly. Also after a year there was so much moisture arriving to the lights that they eventually malfunctioned and also the lid started to rust. It was quite unsightly. I was so disappointed because seriously, who puts something that rust close to water???. I don’t recommend it at all.

  19. Reply Paul Shepherd Dec 27,2017 11:15 am

    I once trialled the 23L (6 gallon) tank & couldn’t get along with it, fish simply died & therefore its only good for shrimp, tiny fish. I now have the 46L but will look to upgrade the filter as it’s far too small (why do Hagen use the same filter on both the 23L & 46L??) A larger hang on filter or adding a small canister will set the equilibrium nicely & I may rely on daylight & a standard side lamp to illuminate in evenings, giving a more natural environment for the fish….

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