Review: AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200

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Manufactured by:
AquaC, Inc.

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On June 23, 2013
Last modified:July 17, 2013


The AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200 is an innovative protein skimmer that utilizes its patented spray injection technology. It works brilliantly right out of the box and requires minimal and fuss free maintenance.

The AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200 is a unique hang-on protein skimmer that does not require the use of a sump.

Instead, the Remora protein skimmer uses the AquaC technology of spray injection. The spray injection system is claimed to produce superior results with the use of a smaller pump over other traditional protein skimmers.

It’s also famous for being a simple plug and play device. Simply by hanging it on the back of your tank and plugging it in, you will be all set.

Let’s take a closer look at the AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200 protein skimmer shall we?

AquaC – Who?

Let’s first take a look at the manufacturers of this product. AquaC, Inc. is a company that has been around since 1998. It first began as a single shop, located in San Diego, CA.

Founded by Jason Kim, the company has since grown and is now a leading manufacturer of skimmers. What’s great about this brand is that all products are still manufactured in San Diego ie Made in The US of A.

Within the industry, AquaC has been a true innovator. AquaC owns the patent for Spray Injection technology. This technology is an effective way to filter organic material out of your water with the use of a smaller pump. Their dedication to improving their products and their dedication to customer support is also well-known in the aquariums industry.

AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200 Protein Skimmer

AquaC Remora

AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer

As already mentioned, what separates this protein skimmer against its competitors is the patented spray injector system. This system was developed to enable significantly more water and air to be processed with the use of a smaller pump as compared to a traditional skimming system.

Out of the box, this system comes with the Remora Protein Skimmer, a Maxi Jet 1200 pump, a nylon cleaning brush and a EPDM o-ring. In other words, it comes ready to be used right out of the box.

You can also purchase an optional surface pre-filter that not only improves the aesthetics of the hang-on skimmer (by hiding it) but is also claimed to improve the protein skimmer’s performance by 20%.

So, how does this system work?

The body of the skimmer works as a reservoir to hold the water which is then pumped through the injector. This is where the spray injection technology comes into play.

The injector has a nozzle like that of a hose. The highly pressurized water shoots into the body of the skimmer, which produces tiny bubbles of air. This process causes more air to flow into the skimmer and the process repeats. This process helps to remove undesirable waste that has built up in your tank.

In comparison, a traditional skimmer uses downdraft tubes, air pumps and special media. The likelihood of these parts getting clogged with salt, debris and mineral deposits is very likely. The spray injector system prevents your skimmer from clogging. In simple words, you’d need to spend less time and effort in maintaining your protein skimmer at it’s optimum performance.

The body of this skimmer is made from gray acrylic. Most would think that this is just an aesthetic reason but the the gray acrylic actually helps to reduce algae growth and other marine organism.

In terms of size, this AquaC protein skimmer is 19 inches tall and requires at least 2-3/4 inch clearance behind the tank. It requires a minimum tank height of 12.5 inches and is capable to work on tanks between 20 – 75 gallons.


There is a considerable list of pros with this product. What can I say, it works as advertised on the box.

Fantastic Performance – One of the major benefits is that you will see considerable improvement in the health of your fish and other marine life. The spray injector system is effective in producing quality skimmate. Skimmate is the biological waste that is pulled from your tank, FYI.

Although AquaC states that the system will be effective after running for 2 weeks, many people have noted that within a few days the system was producing skimmate.

Algae Growth Control – Another effective element about this system is the translucent, dark acrylic. This is a terrific way to inhibit the growth of algae. It also looks much more polished than clear acrylic.

Ease of Use – The ease of use is another positive quality. After attaching the pump, all you have to do is plug it in. It truly cannot get much easier than that. Finally, the size of the unit is something that you will like. It does not need much clearance behind the tank. The design is relatively compact.


There are just a few parts to this skimmer that you might dislike. For some people, the noise might be an issue. Considering the fact that all skimmers create some sound, this is not something that should be surprising. In fact, this model is quieter than a lot of the skimmers on the market today (from my own experience, at least).

Another possible drawback is that reaching several sections can be rather difficult. Because of the compact design, you might have difficulty getting to all of the parts. Luckily, because of the spray injection technology, this system rarely requires any real maintenance.

Overall, the AquaC Remora skimmer is worth the investment. It is relatively inexpensive and outperforms others on the market. It effectively removes protein from the moment you install it. It is also very easy to set up and easy to take care of. These benefits definitely outweigh the insignificant cons.

What Others Are Saying

After going through massive amounts of reviews online, I can confidently say that I’m not the only one who loves the AquaC Remora. Many people have commented that they chose this model after doing significant research and have found that it’s one of the best performers in the market today. It is a great option if you do not want a sump.

Although the sound produced from the skimmer is noticeable, most people say that it is less than the sound produced by other skimmers. In fact, some people have described it as being very quiet.

Other people have commented on the quality construction. They like the design of the model and especially the darker acrylic. Not to mention that it is – Made in USA!

Many users have been successful in skimming tanks of all sizes–from tanks as small as 36 gallons to tanks as large as 120 gallons. I personally think that using it in a 120 gallon tank is a bit pushing it though. However, almost all users agreed that the Remora is able to produces quality skimmate.

One customer who used it with a 36 gallon tank noted how his coral improved within 2 weeks of use. He has continued using this model now for over 2 years.

Several people have mentioned that the instructions are difficult to follow. I personally found it it is easy enough to figure out on my own, it just requires a little bit more time. Once you’ve got it sorted, it’s all systems go and pretty much hands off after that.

If you’re stuck, it’s probably good for you to know that the customer support offered by AquaC is wonderful. Their customer support specialists are extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding their products. So, just get in touch with them. Although, I don’t think you’ll need to in setting your system up though.

AquaC Remora In Action

Here’s a quick video by Youtube user, gabe200027, that shows the AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with the Maxi Jet 1200 pump in action:-

Overall Review: AquaC Remora 1200

So, let’s just do a quick recap. The Remora protein skimmer is an effective choice for tanks up to 75 gallons. It works by using a patented spray injection system on a hang-on model with a smaller pump. A great option if you’re looking for a protein skimmer that does not make use of a sump.

Many people have liked this product and have noticed that it works better and sooner than what the manufactured suggested. Any difficulty with instructions is accommodated with the ease of use and great customer support.

Finally, the compact design might make cleaning and maintenance difficult for some people; however, the unique features make maintenance virtually nonexistent.

What’s Your Experience With The AquaC Remora?

Have you used this AquaC Remora protein skimmer? What size tank did you use it with? What were your results? Please share your thoughts with us.

The AquaC Remora Maxi Jet 1200 is an innovative protein skimmer that utilizes its patented spray injection technology. It works brilliantly right out of the box and requires minimal and fuss free maintenance.

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