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On December 24, 2013
Last modified:December 24, 2013


Have you ever dreamed of keeping live jelly fish as pets? Now you can with the new Jellyfish Art jelly fish tank. It is easily installed and maintained, and keeps these beautiful, translucent pets alive for years.

There comes a time when savvy aquarium keepers like you who have been maintaining a variety of water species would like to go to the next level in aquatic husbandry.

Levelling up, you say? Try keeping a jelly fish.

Having jelly fish as pets can be exciting, not to mention aesthetically relaxing (and can actually be therapeutic). However, if you ever decide to keep one, you will probably stumble on the problem of finding the right tank to keep your jelly fish alive and healthy.

Don’t ever try to put your spongy pets in a regular fish tank, or else they will be sucked into the filtration system and end up being squished.

Fortunately, there is now the JellyfishArt Jelly fish tank out in the market, the JellyfishArt Destkop Jellyfish Tank!

This innovative jelly fish tank is a product of scientific research and was purposely created to allow people to appreciate and experience the wonders of keeping jelly fish as domestic pets.

How it all started

Like many inventors with humble beginnings, Alex Andon, owner of Jellyfish Art, had to start experimenting on jelly fish tanks in his cousin’s garage.

Having finished a degree in Biology and Environmental Science at Duke University, Alex spent a year developing tanks where jelly fish would adapt to and thrive.

Lucky for him, he had Kickstarter ( to back him up. He built his company Jellyfish Art in San Francisco and posted a call-out on Kickstarter for donors to help him raise funds to be able to commercially distribute his Desktop Jelly Fish Tank.

In September 2011, he was able to raise enough funds to mass produce these innovatively-designed jelly fish tanks and, through, is now selling them across the US and globally.

Work of art


JellyfishArt Desktop Tank

Don’t be surprised if on the first time you see a JellyfishArt tank you become hypnotized and couldn’t stop staring at it.

The jelly fish are truly interesting creatures and their beauty is complemented well with the design and lighting of the Jellyfish Art tank so that the whole package becomes in itself a captivating work of art.

While it is fairly new in the market, Jellyfish Art tanks has become quite popular and overshadowed its competitors, thanks mainly to its artistic design, but also because of its advance features.

Basically, it is a breakthrough device that allows a very delicate creature like the jelly fish to thrive in an artificial environment.

How Does It Work?

The secret in Jellyfish Art tanks are the pump system specifically designed to supply and diffuse air around the cylindrical aquarium.


JellyFishArt Efficient Design

Rocks layering the bottom of the tank pulls in water to flow to the surface through one side of the tank and then flows back to the bottom on the other side, thus creating a circular water flow.

With this circular movement of water, the jelly fish is protected from being sucked into the filtration system because it stays in the middle of the tank.

What does a Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank include?

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank kit includes the following:

  • Acrylic desktop jellyfish tank
  • Feeding pipette
  • Whisper quiet air pump
  • Airline
  • Adjustable airline valve
  • Hydrometer
  • Substrate
  • Color-changing LED and remote control
  • LED power supply

Those who are more than willing to add a few bucks can get the ultimate jellyfish tank kit:

  • Floating thermometer
  • Water heater
  • Water quality test kit
  • Clear vacuum hose
  • Nutrafin cycle
  • Aquarium salt
  • Brine shrimp hatcher
  • Living rocks seeded with live nitrifying bacteria that efficiently breaks down jellyfish waste products
  • Algae cleaner magnet
JellyfishArt Deluxe Kit

JellyfishArt Deluxe Kit

If you make a decision and buy the ultimate starter kit package from Jellyfish Art (the Deluxe Kit above), you will also get the following marine species:

  • 3 large moon jellyfish
  • Up to 120ml jellyfish food
  • 2 large red hermit crab
  • 2 cleaner snails

Specifications of the Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank:

  • The desktop tank can hold up to 7 gallons of water
  • This design and size guarantee to keep up to 7 small jellyfishes
  • The remote control included with the kit facilitates the color change inside the aquarium
  • The tank is also salt water ready. This means that the water chemistry will not have any negative effect on the efficiency of the entire system
  • The instruction guide that comes with the tank guarantees setup in less than 60 minutes (see video below on how to setup your tank)
  • Clear front and back panels. This ensures a clear and unobstructed view of the jellies while they are swimming
  • The Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank may seem to be designed and formulated for invertebrates, but they can also be used in keeping fishes too!

Ideally, the manufacturer recommends keeping up to 5 small jellyfish inside the tank. If you are planning to take care of bigger jellies, three for each tank is enough.

In terms of safety, the moon jellyfish that can be placed inside the aquarium are sting free. Moon jellyfish does not produce any sting, but can be seen as colorful moving creatures when the LED changes color with the simple control of the remote.

The Good

Here are other novel features that I like about this Jellyfish desktop aquarium:

  • Built-in LED lamp that gives a soft glow and reflects on the translucent body of the jelly fish. The light transforms the jelly fish tank from an ordinary aquarium into a beautiful centerpiece that makes any room stylish.
  • The rocks used in the jelly fish tanks are actually inhabited by live nitrifying bacteria. In short, these are living rocks that help keep the tank water clean, thus making life easier for the tank owner (although regular maintenance is still necessary).
  • Jellyfish Art exclusively provides food for your moon jelly fish which are actually frozen plankton kept in special packages and conveniently shipped to you overnight upon order. Planktons are high in Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids or HUFAs, and it is the only recommended food for jelly fish kept in tanks.

The Bad

There are, however, some cons that you should consider before getting a Jellyfish Art tank, including:

  • Jellyfish Art jelly fish tanks are expensive (the full package, including the jelly fish, tank accessories and jelly fish food, is priced at $685). But this is quite understandable. Having technology and art rolled into one live aesthetic marvel can really be pricey. Jelly fish are categorized as exotic creatures and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are priced higher than the usual fish pets. But it is worth the investment, if you take into account the pleasure and relaxation it gives you, your family, friends and anyone who gets to view your Jellyfish Art tank.
  • Jelly fish are known to have short lives. In the wild, jelly fish can live only up to six months to about a year. However, there are studies that show jelly fish can live for several years in an artificial environment if given the right food and are kept in jelly fish-friendly conditions. So don’t worry if you get attached to your jelly fish friend, you can spend many wonderful years together if you’ll just take care of it well.

How To Setup Your Jellyfish Tank?

Here’s the official video from JellyfishArt on how to properly setup your jellyfish tank:

What People Are Saying

Since it came out in late 2011, Jellyfish Art has raked in some good reviews from aquarists and aquarium experts.

  • The UK-based has praised Jellyfish Art for its innovation and sleek design.
  • The calls it “the next best thing to hit your office since the whoopie cushion epidemic in 2010”.
  • And says it is the next trend in ornamental aquarium.

And we definitely agree. Jellyfish Art is heaven’s sent for breeders who have long wanted to keep jelly fish but cringe at the thought of seeing a cute (and expensive) creature be sucked into the filter.

Aquarium keeping will never be the same again, with Jellyfish Art tanks now trailblazing the aquarium market and giving a whole new definition to tank pets as art.

Getting Jellyfish Art jelly fish tanks is worth every cent, and you’ll realize that as soon as you stare and get hypnotized by its soothing glow.

Have you ever dreamed of keeping live jelly fish as pets? Now you can with the new Jellyfish Art jelly fish tank. It is easily installed and maintained, and keeps these beautiful, translucent pets alive for years.

About Dennis Hanson

Dennis is an experienced aquarist with many years of knowledge and experience in keeping successful tanks. He also has no relations to the pop group Hanson.

9 thoughts on “Review: JellyfishArt Desktop Jellyfish Tank

  1. Reply cb Jan 25,2015 12:22 am

    You seem to be reviewing something that you don’t actually own. Is that the case?

  2. Reply Harper Curie Feb 4,2015 5:35 pm

    This tank, along with three jellyfish was given to me as a gift for christmas. I’ve been keeping reef and advanced inverts for years. This was supposed to be an exciting new thing for me. I set up the tank and followed every instruction down to the line. Watched every instructional video and made sure everything was in order. I had my jellies shipped to me. They arrived in good condition. I felt they skimped out on water in the bags, but the jellies appeared ok. I acclimated them for about 1 hour and then introduced them to the tank. The swam around for a while. Within an hour one was stuck flat against the bubble channel plate. Another appeared to have a large hole in it. A few days later all my jellies had perished. The tank is an absolute mess and I don’t recommend it to anyone. You will just end up disappointed and forced to watch your beloved jellies suffer and slowly perish.

    I have since tried keeping jellyfish in other available jellyfish tanks. These have all seemed to work far better. Don’t be discouraged to keep jellies. Just buy the right tank from the right people.

    • Reply Sha Feb 8,2015 10:48 pm

      Can you suggest the better options? Im currently looking and would like to make sure when spending so much money and taking care of these beautiful creatures I have the best setup possible for them!

    • Reply Mike McLaughlin Jul 2,2016 7:25 pm

      What tank WOULD you recommend, please? Thanks!

  3. Reply Former Customer Feb 13,2015 1:46 am

    We have to concur with Harper Curie. We also had a tank from this company, followed instructions, only to have one wrong thing happen after another. Here are two of my biggest gripes: 1)it turns out that owners should really grow live food (instead of feeding the company’s frozen food), which adds an entirely new project and cost to this process, and even though we eventually did that we couldn’t make this work, and, 2)I asked if reproduction was possible, as you can imagine the guys scoffed at such a ridiculous question – but, wait for it – it happened! We learned a new word that day, and that word was ‘ephyra’. Moon jelly ephyra is orange and never, ever goes away, because once those jellies did their business they permanently polluted the tank with orange ephyra. With the live food we grew our last jelly to a beautiful size. Then, we left it alone for 24 hours to attend an out of state funeral. We can home to jelly shreds in the bubble tube. I can, without question, say that having a pack of puppies in your home is easier than this ‘pet’, unless you are in desperate need of a hobby that is both incredibly expensive and extremely time consuming. (And finally, when I contacted the BBB they encouraged me to take the company to small claims court.)

  4. Reply St. Erik Sep 14,2015 5:37 pm

    I received one of these tanks as a give. I kept 3 jellies in it for more than a year, but it was a very challenging task. The tank is simply not designed to work the way it is advertised. I ended up having to do a total deep clean of the tank AND a 50% water change every week to keep the little guys alive. And one missed cleaning always results in disaster.
    I have moved on to a tank that actually has a filter system and while that too was a huge effort to set up and get right, it is less effort than keeping up this tank. Pretty as it was, the Jellyfish art was not worth the time, effort, and heartbreak.

  5. Reply N. Nour Nov 6,2015 12:38 am

    Having read your comments could you tell me the tank company / site that you received your tanks from? Thought this one would be great but just want to see everything before making a choice!
    thanks :)

  6. Reply Sammy May 19,2016 8:57 pm

    My wife received this tank as a gift from my wife’s brother, and I followed the instructions to set up the tank to the letter. When our jellyfish arrived, they were alive, but not very active. I immediately commenced to following the jellyfish acclimation protocols (as outlined in the pamphlet received), and gently introduced them to their new home. All of the jellys that we received were dead in less than 12 hours, with no signs as to what was the problem.

    We are in contact with, to see if they will stand behind their product. Though I’m not sure if this product is what it claims to be. We will see.

    Will post again, once we have more news from them.

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