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Desktop Aquariums

An aquarium at the office is not only decorative in nature, but is known to feature therapeutic effects too. Not all of us are aware that an installed aquarium at the office actually has proven soothing impact on human health. Even a small desktop aquarium or fish bowl actually offers a multitude of health benefits while at the office.

Marine life has been studied for many decades now. Their presence inside an aquarium has revealed positive improvement among people suffering from the following conditions:

  • Hypertensive individuals
  • Insomniacs
  • People who experience high stress levels from work

It is true that an aquarium setup at home significantly reduces the stress acquired from long hours of work. Just by looking at the fishes in the aquarium, one is guaranteed to relax the mind and the body. Why do you have to wait until you reach home to ease your mind and body when you can achieve this while you are working at the office?

Aquariums are not only for the home setting, but can also be installed at work! It introduces a wide array of benefits not only to employees, but also to visitors and clients too.

Therapeutic Effects of Having an Aquarium Setup at the Workplace

According to years of research, gazing at fishes in silence is therapeutic in that it greatly alleviates anxiety. If the nature of your work revolves around completion of paperwork, interviewing people, and meeting project deadlines among others, you will benefit from installing an aquarium at the office.

You don’t need to install a 25-gallon or even a 15-gallon aquarium inside your office space. If you limited space at work, desktop aquariums are excellent solutions. Although small tanks and bowls feature smaller dimensions, they provide the same therapeutic effect to its onlookers.

Another excellent health benefit of an aquarium at the office is pain reduction. Studies have shown the patients visiting a doctor’s clinic or a dental clinic with an aquarium setup require less pain medications. There is direct relationship between the presence of an aquarium and the reduce pain perception. This in turn encouraged specialty clinics as well as hospitals to install aquariums at their workplace too.

Lastly, having an aquarium at the office has helped individuals lower their blood pressure as well. Hypertensive people report reduced incidence of abnormal and increased blood pressure changes after installation of aquarium at work. Just imagine how a simple aquarium setup not only relaxes your mind, but also increase your overall well being too!

Top Seven Office Desktop Aquariums

Nano aquariums or even fish bowls are very much ideal for the office setting. A desktop aquarium perfectly balances technology and nature. Bring a slice of the natural beauty of nature at the workplace to effectively release stress and bad mood as well. By installing an aquarium at work, you are actively helping in the creation of a productive and effective work environment, not only for yourself but to others as well.

Here are top seven awesome desktop aquariums that you can choose from:

1. Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium- 2 Gallons

Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium

Fluval SPEC 2 Gallon Desktop Tank

This desktop aquarium design is a successful combination of superior style and excellent functionality. It features a three-stage filtration system that is integrated with a powerful LED lighting fixture too.

Three-Stage Filtration System is made up of

  • Mechanical filtration which utilizes porous foam bloc traps large particles and debris
  • Chemical filtration which makes use of activated carbon that effectively absorbs unwanted odors, discolorations, and impurities
  • Biological filtration that features BIOMAX inserts which function to increase the production of beneficial bacteria. These inserts enhances the nitrification of fish wastes too.

The LED pendant lighting is known to put a full spectrum natural daylight which is known to be ideal in growing small plants. The Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium is ideal for taking care of small fish species and display of smaller aquatic plants too.

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For a closer look, check the unboxing and setup video below:-

2. Ecoxotic EcoPico 5-Gallon Desktop Aquarium

The all-in-one simplicity of Ecoxotic’s EcoPico Desktop Aquarium makes it the ideal tank for first-time aquarium owners. It is beautifully elegant, thus it is perfect for the formal office setting.

The clean and modern design of the EcoPico 5-Gallon Desktop will compliment contemporary workplace interiors. It will truly be a great decorative and calming addition to your office space.

The features of the EcoPico 5-Gallon Desktop Aquarium are simple and yet highly functional:

  • 6mm glass rimless aquarium
  • Discreet internal filter with pump
  • Beveled glass top with mounting clips
  • LED lighting arm
  • Step-by-step instruction manual and guide

The Exocotic EcoPic 5-Gallon Desktop Aquarium is safe as it requires low voltage to be fully functional. It is also energy efficient so you do not have to worry about soaring high energy bill too.

See the EcoPico Desktop Aquarium in action in the video by Exocotic themselves below:-

Note: We are absolutely in love with the Ecopico Desktop Aquarium and it’s the one we’d highly recommend you go for! Check it out on the Ecoxotic website for more information and great deals.

3. biOrb Aquarium Kit with Light Fixture

Baby biOrb Desktop Tank

The high-tec biOrb Aquarium is the perfect combination of a traditional fishbowl merged and latest technology performance which makes it one of the most reliable and fishbowls as of late. You can now feel relaxed while at the office as you can place the biOrb aquarium on top of your desk!

The 4-gallon biOrb only requires little maintenance as all the other necessary equipment are already included in the kit.

One of its selling points is its five-stage filtration system is a combination of the following processes:

  • mechanical
  • biological
  • chemical

These systems guarantee not only crystal clear waters but also less maintenance altogether.

The filter cartridge that comes with the biOrb Aquarium Kit is long lasting and can last up to 8 weeks. The filter is strategically located at the bottom of the fishbowl, thus is barely visible and causes no obstruction.

The biOrb is made up of globe-shaped plexi glass acrylic so you have a full 360° viewing angle at all times. The built-in 10-watt halogen light also facilitates full observation of the swimming fishes at any time of day. Add a bit of zen at you workplace by simply placing a biOrb Aquarium Kit on your desktop!

4. Aquarius Aq 15005 Rounded 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Aquarius Aq 15005 Aquarium Kit

Aquarius Aq 15005 Aquarium Kit

The Aquarius Aq15005 Aquarius 5 Rounded 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit is an impressive nano tank featuring a full hood and superb LED lighting that illuminates the aquarium environment with 3 lighting variations namely:

  • Daylight white
  • Moonlight blue
  • Moonlight white

In addition to its efficient and long-lasting LED lighting system, the aquarium also boasts a Mini Might Filter. The clear acrylic material and construction offers a crystal clear view at all times and in all angles.

The Aquarius Aq15005 5 Rounded 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit comes showcases the following features:

  • Strong and sturdy shatter-proof acrylic
  • Full hood and mini max internal power filter
  • Generous 5-gallon capacity

5. Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit, 3 Gallons


Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit

If you only have limited space at the workplace, it is obviously impossible to install a 20 or even 1 15-gallon tank in the office. If this is the case, you can go for a smaller but can also offer an equally relaxing effect.

Although the Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit is lightweight, it is known to be made from sturdy and resilient acrylic. The tank offers a crystal clear 360° view of fishes and plants inside.

Other remarkable features of the Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit are as follows:

  • Whisper Filtration System ensures quiet operation to induce relaxation for you and your fishes
  • Convenient feeding hole on top of the lid
  • It is also equipped with Tetra 3i filters that keep the tank clean and in perfect condition at all times

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6. Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit


Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium

This is undoubtedly a perfect aquarium for your desktop at work. The Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit features a 2.5 gallon capacity which means it can be placed in small tight spaces, such as those found at the office setting.

This is perfect for beginner aquarium owners as it is relatively easy to set up and install too. This decorative nano aquarium is excellent addition to your office display.

The kit contains everything that you need to get started:

  • Mini bow 2.5 aquarium
  • Mini bow filter for crystal clear water
  • Aquarium light hood and 15-watt incandescent bulb
  • Set-up and care guide
  • Aqueon fish food and water care samples

7. Tetra LED Half Moon, Betta Kit- 1.1 Gallons

Tetra LED Half Moon

Tetra LED Half Moon

The Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit features a unique and fun 1.1 gallon design which makes for an ideal environment for Bettas.

This aquarium has 1.1 gallon-capacity with a convenient feeding hole where you can simply drop their food without having to open the tank completely. The half moon shape is space efficient as it can be positioned on corners too.

The LED on and off switch is effectively positioned for easy control. The Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit is battery operated and can also be connected to the computer via USB cable.

About Dennis Hanson

Dennis is an experienced aquarist with many years of knowledge and experience in keeping successful tanks. He also has no relations to the pop group Hanson.

8 thoughts on “7 Awesome Desktop Aquariums for the Office

  1. Reply Nate May 20,2014 6:54 pm

    Great list! I have the Spec V and can attest that the spec line is are quality aquariums for a really good price. People should check into a heater just incase their building heat goes off on the weekend.

  2. Reply Dre May 15,2015 2:51 am

    “Dennis is an experienced aquarist…”
    Firstly, any aquarist with any decent knowledge of the hobby would be horrified of the thought of putting anything in a one gallon tank. That’s just as bad as the generic goldfish bowls and vases that ignorant people use for their fish.
    Secondly, small tanks are not beginner tanks. Again, anyone who is familiar with the hobby knows this. The smaller the tank, the more difficult it is to maintain the water quality. There is more to water parameters than just turning on a filter.
    The misinformation Dennis is spreading is exactly why people’s fish – that normally live for years and years in properly sized and maintained aquariums – die after several months.
    You wouldn’t keep a dog or cat locked up in a bedroom for its entire life because it’s cruel. Sure, the dog will survive for a while, but it will be miserable and develop illnesses and muscular/skeletal issues without the proper care and exercise. This is the same thing with keeping a fish in anything less than a 5 gallon tank. Surviving is different than thriving. Just because something CAN survive in a small cage doesn’t mean it’s OK.

  3. Reply Anjoyla Apr 17,2016 9:18 pm

    Dre that is ridiculous. Sure bettas in the wild live in open areas an have room, But that is like saying cockatails taken from their indigenous area wont live an thrive in a cage. Even a ten , 20 to 55 would never be enough going by your argument.

    Whose to say that fish cant thrive in the 1.5 I had a betta 16 years in one , swam around had the run of the place. Compared to the cup they live in the store it is a steo up, sure people would love those larger aquariums if they coukd lift or get the water but that is unreasonable to expect that. Just like a dog would love an acreto run but many people have dogs in condos an apts.n some people could livein a walkin closet. It deoends upon the closet an what you are used to.

  4. Reply TJ May 20,2016 6:44 pm

    Anjoyla your argument is actually worse than Dre’s…

    Comparing fish to dogs, or birds, or any other animal is not a great way to talk about the care requirements of fish. If your betta lived for 16 years, I don’t care what it was in, that needs to be added to scientific record because it is the longest lived betta (assuming splendens) that I have ever heard of or read about.

    That aside,
    Just because a betta is capable of living in a cup doesn’t mean that is the best way to keep them. Their ability to utilize atmospheric oxygen to supplement their oxygen intake and slow their metabolic rate when in a confined space is an adaption to help them survive seasonal changes. It should not be seen as their baseline requirements for living.

    Small aquariums with inappropriately sized fish (even if added when they are young and seem small enough) will result in a diminished lifespan and physical deformities from stunted growth. Not only that, but water parameters are much harder to maintain in small aquariums and that can lead to poor water quality and secondary infection.

    Dre’s points regarding responsible fishkeeping are sound. Their comparisons to dogs and cats, not so much, but the point isn’t a far cry from the reality of things. What you need to consider is the difference between dogs, cats, humans, birds, and fish. All of those animals, regardless of the size of the apartment, or cage, can leave that place for exercise. Dogs get walked, cats can run about outdoors, birds can move around the house if given the opportunity. Fish do not have that luxury; all of the space they will ever get is provided by their aquarium. Not only that, but they essentially live in their own closed ecosystem. The more water volume their is, the more dilute their waste becomes. When you live in your own toilet, that makes a big difference.

    With all that aside,
    There are aquariums that you can comfortably set up in 1 gallon of water that will do quite well even though it is such a small size. Would I recommend fish? Not really, no… but I can suggest small species of shrimp such as cherry or crystal shrimp. A few low-maintenance live plants and/or mosses along with a few small shrimp and you will have an enjoyable micro-ecosystem that can sit on your desk. 3 gallons or more and you can responsibly get into some very small fish species in very low numbers if you already have an aptitude for aquarium keeping. 10 gallons is really the smallest I’d ever suggest a new aquarium owner goes in terms of size for their first aquarium. 20 gallons would be much more forgiving and provide plenty of options for livestock.

    At they end of they day, we need to think of fish in the same way we think of our cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. Give them what they need to thrive, not just survive. We also need to stop spreading misinformation about what a betta, goldfish, or any other species needs to thrive. Bowls are a no-go.

    If this offends your good judgement, than consider that new information is now available, and you will need to adjust your internal database to incorporate that information and reformulate your opinion. It is called progress!

  5. Reply db Aug 29,2016 2:50 pm

    A betta that lived for 16 years?!!! i smell something, ah yes, it’s bs.

  6. Reply Molly May 16,2017 6:06 pm

    TJs comment is exactly right. While small aquariums aren’t very beginner friendly, they can still be done. It all depends on what you’re keeping in them. Bettas (or any fish) cannot live an adequate in a tiny one gallon tank for many reasons, however it’s still a viable tank option for small shrimp and snails.

  7. Reply Bailey Nov 30,2017 6:23 am

    A Betta fish living for 16 years???? That’s a little… Fishy…

  8. Reply Ty Jan 6,2018 12:08 pm

    I’ve had a Betta live in a 1.1 nana tank for a little over 5 years. It was a quite happy little guy, however it might have been even happier in a larger tank. It really does annoy me when I see a Goldfish in a “Goldfish” bowl.

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