Tank of the Month Roundup – January 2014

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In the month of January, we saw a parade of great-looking tanks on the Web as they were featured on top aquarium websites that gave ample site space for those long articles about their chosen Tank of the Month.

Here we’re giving a more concise– and easy to read– round up of four featured tanks that surely deserve a second look.

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Best Tanks In January 2014

1. Tangaroa’s Tank


From: UltimateReef.net

This tank, and its creator, surely deserves the applause and accolade it has been getting. It is an intricate work of art produced with the dedication, commitment and patience only an artist can ever exert.

The tank has four sections and each section has been divided into chamber.

This kind of inventive creativity allowed for all the water creatures to thrive, and, as the tank is laden with all those apparatuses to keep all of them alive, all the creatures are looking as though they never left their natural environment.

Looking at the engineering of the entire tank, it has become a mechanism or a machine with a life of its own. Of course, when there’s a machine, there’s the human being who made the machine. So, applause, applause to its maker!

Much of the effort and resources (read: expensive) put into this tank are well worth it.

While maintenance can be tedious and costly, the owner found ways to minimize expenses.

An example is the use of LED for lighting. The display tank is well-lit even as it uses a 6 foot Vertex SR350 with 4 red modules and 3 UV modules.

The different colored LEDs do give a good lighting effect to all the chambers of the tank. Tangaroa is the second winner of UR’s TOTM that runs solely on LED by the way.

Kudos to the awesome tank, Tangaroa!

Read the full TOTM write up on Ultimate Reef here.

Read the Tangaroa build thread here.

2. The 300 gallon Aquarium by Mike and Terry Lauderdale


From: Reefkeeping.com

You’ve got to hand it to this fish-loving couple for running to the drawing board first before making any drastic move – they made their tank amazingly well-planned!

As they said in their article, they find it always best to start off with a good plan and they do learn the lessons of failures. So they are living by the principle ‘simplicity and resiliency’.

They really have had some bad experiences with their first tanks – including having a destructive tank overflow that nearly caused a fire! But they were resilient, and bounce back they did. This is why their achievement is admirable.

The tank is a 300g Marineland Deep Dimension glass tank, and they made sure it has custom center-mounted overflow and bottom eurobracing.

It has a Frag Tank with 50g aquabox custom mixed media. It has a 150 g sumpl with live rock, and 70 g shallow sump.

Mike and Terry, learning from experience, also installed media reactors which are Two Little Fishies 550 media reactors (GFO and GAC as needed).

And they made the tank and everything in there all beautiful by abiding their principle of simplicity.

The couple abide by the KISS (keep it short and simple) mantra. And their idea is to create a continuously improving cycle for all the processes and components of the system. No grand technical conundrum or hi-tech equipment.

For maintenance, for example, they rely on simple husbandry, religiously doing maintenance work themselves and not letting everything be done by a machine. All they did was to make sure all aspects of the system are examined – the lighting, water flow, filtration, oxygenation, etc. And make sure the system can ensure power outages. That made the tank simple and resilient.

And by looks of the thriving ecosystem in the tank, the creatures are simply happy and content.

Read the full write up on this awesome tank here.

3. Gramophone


From: Nano-reef.com

Gramophone, or the one who created this amazing reef, likes to sit back and “relish the wonders” of her saltwater tank.

The tank, indeed, is a sight to behold and nano-reef must be commended for choosing this one-of-a-kind, simplistic yet impeccable aquarium as its tank of the month.

This is a small tank, 30-gallon, but the unique creatures living in it are impressively well chosen and well cared for. She has a pair of fancy white Ocellaris Clownfish, a Mystery Wrasse, Green Clown Goby, and some Longspine Cardinalfish. Nice combination as all the fish are living symbiotically.

The corals are much more impressive because she has everything there in that little tank, from torch corals to gorgonians.

The best quality of Gramophone as a home aquarium hobbyist is that she does her research well and all her work is paying off when she proves her choices and decisions are right.


The Gramophone’s progression

Even the food she gives to her little aquarium friends are well-researched, and she is able to feed them with a combination of different foods that she learned from the Internet.

Maintenance is simple and routinary, but always follows a ‘do’s and don’t’s mantra.

Some maintenance activities done for the tank include weekly water changes of 5 gallons using RO/DI water and marine salt.

Specific fish have its own feeding time, like cardinal are fed every night and the other fish are fed the next day.

The only ‘splurge’ that Gramophone did for the tank is buying it a Vortech MP10 and an Apex lite. The controller helped in the maintenance a lot and the MP10 provided the needed amount of flow for the tank creatures.

Those were critical and correct decisions that made Gramophone’s tank one of the best-looking and sustainably efficient home tanks there is today.

Check out the full details on the super cool Gramophone tank here.

4. ReeferAddict


From: RateMyFishTank.com

This tank is ranked #261 out of almost 1,500 reef tanks in the world – not a bad feat for a simple fish tank.

It is 187-gallon mixed reef with Waveline DC-6000 Return Pump, Aquamaxx skimmer and media reactor for carbon and GFO.

It is home to some of the most beautiful reef creatures, like Desjardini, the Yellow Tang and the Blue Tang.

Corals are thriving and they beautifully accentuate the uniqueness of the tank because these corals rarely sustain in a tank, and stay healthy only with meticulous maintenance.

Some of the corals are euphyllia, zoanthid, Xenia, montipora, sinularia and a whole bunch of healthy corals.

Which is your favorite tank?

There you have it folks, our second installment of the Tank of The Month Roundup series. Hope you enjoyed it!

Let us know which is your favorite tank this month in the comments section below.

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