Tank of the Month Roundup – March 2014

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Pride and honor come occasionally in a person’s life and that’s the reason home aquaria keepers should really savor every moment and make the best out of being selected as Tank of the Month.

Here at homeaquaria.com, we make sure winners of TOTM are given recognition twice over by having this TOTM round up.

Salute to you guys! Keep up the great work!

Tank of The Month – Mar’14

1. Garry’s (Gaz) Bommie Style Reef Tank


From: Ultimatereef.net

After years of hit and miss, and one year of preparing for the big one, Garry finally conceived his Bommie Style Reef Tank. This 12 x 3.5 foot tank is 32 inches deep with Optiwhite front glass and allows sufficient space for a wonderful Marine World straight out of a NatGeo feature.

Garry wisely made it simple and straightforward, no wires and pipes cluttering the tank, only the basics there but just perfect to keep all its inhabitants healthy and thriving.

The tank is inspired by Thiru’s Malayasian Reef which has been featured and recognized for its marvelous design of open spaces wide enough for freestyle swimming by the little tank creatures.

In the case of Garry’s tank, the open space punctured by well-formed bommies worked wonderfully because it made the reef stand out like a magical display of colors.It is good for the little swimmers as well because they have a lot of space to graze and flick their small fins.

Now, going back to tank, it’s been mentioned that Aquarium Connections had gone all out it putting together this glass paradise at a friendly price. That’s good business there. Being cited as one of the makers of a TOTM is effective marketing through and through. What everybody’s hoping though is that Vince has multiple clones!

Read the full TOTM write up on Ultimate Reef here.

2. Robert Worst’s (Diving Butcher) 400 US-Gallon Reef Aquarium


From Reefkeeping.com

Reef diving can really change a person. That’s what happened to Robert Worst, owner of this amazing 400 US-Gallon reef tank that looks definitely a lot like the underwater world divers love.

Robert is from Netherlands and has been a passionate diver for years. As his passion for diving grew, so did his love of the reef and all its beautiful creatures. And this tank is a testament of Robert’s passion as he channeled so much energy and resources into aquarium-keeping.

Well…good for you Robert! We say, you have chosen the right path because what you have come up with is a marvelous work of art.

Robert made the right move by partnering with an expert reef keeper to help him put together the tank. That’s a best practice home aquarium starters could cultivate lessons from.

It’s also true that the large volumes of the tank as well as the maintenance routine adhered to by Robert are mainly the reasons why the tank inhabitants thrive and seem to be really happy with their environment.

There’s a long list of devices attached to this tank, including

  • x2 Frag tanks,
  • Vortech MP60W for water flow,
  • 400 watt Titanium heater,
  • UV filter aquamedic ,
  • and others.

Only goes to show Robert has gone all out for this tank and is now living his dream since his first reef dive years ago.

Read the full write up on Reefkeeping.com here.

3. trueIS2b


from Nano-reef.com

Nano reef tanks, while less cumbersome and more affordable to create and maintain, deserve the same accolade regular reef tanks get.

It’s because the nano reef tanks are aquaria, too, and it takes the same amount of commitment and energy to make a beautiful piece of underwater art in a small tank.

So we really have to hand it to Nano-reef.com for recognizing the talent behind trueIS2b which it describes is a a minimalist beauty. Like most tanks, the truesIS2b tank has bevy of gadgets attached to it, including

  • ADA Lily Pipes,
  • an Eheim external canister,
  • a mini-heater
  • and an Aquaclear HOB filter.

Here’s a timeline view of how this tank had progressed:

Tank Progress

Tank Progress

The simple yet impressive mini reef island is the center of the tank and it’s where two playful gobies, inverts and small clean –up creature play unobtrusively.

One good advice shared by the trueIS2b maker is to start simple and as you go along, keep learning. That way, your responsibility to your little marine world gradually grows, and you don’t have to make abrupt changes in your life.

Read the full write up on trueIS2b’s tank here.

4. Autumsky’s 72g Bowfront


From Aquariumadvice.com

How does this 72G Oceanic tank by Autumsky possibly have creatures like bamboo shrimps, golden Clam, rainbow sharks, cardinals, tetras, platys, baby angels, gudgeons and gouramis swimming in harmony?

Truly, this tank of the month by Aquariumadvice is a hands-down masterpiece, despite its smallness. While the owner calls it the wild tank, it is far from that.

What the maker has achieved in this tank is to make it as natural as possible, mimicking the ecosystem that the little swimming creatures have grown accustomed to. No wonder all the little creatures in it are thriving and living together with obvious contentment.

In reef keeping, that’s a rare achievement.

The one-year old tank is surprisingly well maintained even though the owner himself admits he hates changing the tank water. This in most part is thanks to the FX-5 filter.

It was also a good decision to have the Eco-Complete sand, petrified wood stones and smooth red stones at the base because it made the whole display come alive.

The single 4 inches long 32W T8 Flora sun bulb is enough to illuminate the whole tank and make the colors stand out.

A heater and a 5W Coralife Air Luft air pump make the environment safe and cozy for its little inhabitants.

We are not sure, though, about inclduing the Reticulated Hillstrean Loach. What we’ll agree on is to put the Angel Fish in there to perk up the tank. We are similarly excited about the arrival of the baby Koi Angels which are products of a good Koi breeding technique.

What we want to say to Autumsky is to rethink your decision and follow your instinct! Congratulations and good luck!

Read the full write up Autumsky’s tank here.

Your Thoughts

So, there you have it folks, a round up of all the best tanks in featured in Mar’14.

If you’ve been following this series, you’d notice that this is the first time that we’ve featured a freshwater tank in this series.

We’ve been getting a few messages from you readers to include a freshwater tank in this series, so there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this month’s round up. To this month’s winners, congratulations!

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