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This month’s Tanks of the Month are proof that once you get smitten by the beauty of sea life right under your roof, you’re in it for life. It takes a long time to perfect the art and science of home aquarium keeping but it is the process that matters most because it is when you learn to live and love the hobby.

It’s the climb!

So as you read this round up, it would also be nice to look back and reflect how our own ‘climb’ made us not only better tank keepers, but better human beings.

1. Blagdon’s Ultra LPS Cube

(from UltimateReef.net)

This tank owner is in love. He was bitten by the ‘tank bug’ years ago and never looked back. Now he is very happy with his relationship with his coloured corals and party biscuits.

Blagdon’s 30” cube has become the centerpiece of his house and heart. In the early years, he struggled to keep his tank and worked hard to fund all the appliances needed to maintain his beloved fish and corals. Today, his Scolmias are beautiful and healthy and the rest of the marine life are evidently pampered.

The cube is made more stunning with the UV light as it highlighted the colour of Blagdon’s LPS. One maintenance routine that tells us why this tank looks strikingly healthy is the testing of water pH, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, phosphate and salinity every fortnight. That goes to show the faith and dedication of the owner to his most treasured tank.

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2. Mark Poletti’s (mpoletti) 180 US-gallon Lee Mar Reef Aquarium


(from ReefKeeping.com)

This reef aquarium is impressive and evidently a product of passion and commitment. The owner Mark Poletti has so eloquently narrated the process of nurturing his dedication in putting together this stunning work of art, driven only by his passion for marine life and, of course, by the ever present support of his wife and daughter. Having overcome the challenges, Mark is now basking in glory and there is no other trophy or prize he wants but the accolade given to him by aquarium enthusiasts like him.

Mark has one valuable lesson he wants to share: that corals grow with patience.

What he did was to carefully select the corals he wants and placed them in a good, open space. A disastrous experience taught him not to place too many corals in the tank which will then benefit both the corals and the fish.

The tank has a center overflow and enclosed by a Starphire glass on three sides. A wooden stand and canopy made of red oak give a touch of class to the tank, all the more making a beautiful centerpiece. Truly an amazing trophy to have!

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3. Arkayology


(from Nano-Reef.com)

Arkayology has truly developed a fan-base among nano-reefers, so much that they flooded the site congratulatory words and excited “what’s next” comments. That’s not surprising at all because Arkayology deserves the accolade. A lot of dedication, hardwork and sacrifice had been put into this small, impressive cube that it has become an inspiration to many hobbyists. But that also puts pressure on the owner to sustain the documentation of his milestones, updates and all activities related to his reef-keeping.

Everyone likes to know what he has done so far and what other things he plans to do make Arkayology more interesting and fantastic. So in his TOTM narrative, it is no surprise how well he narrated each move, what equipment and gadgets he bought and installed, what kinds of SPS corals and how he carefully selected the fish that now so beautifully populates his tank.

He even puts in some advice to new hobbyists: be patient! And we couldn’t agree more. Good things come to those who wait, and in reef-keeping, the best owners are the ones who knows good husbandry and exercises great patience.

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4. Melosu58125 Gallon Reef


(from AquariumAdvice.com)

A pet store window was enough to captivate the interest of this tank owner on reef keeping. What happened was love at first sight. When he saw the 55-gallon tank, he immediately took it home and swore he will take care of his newfound friends for life. Today, after 15 years, his passion is still alive and burning!

True to his word, he took care of the corals and fish and most of them he still keeps even as he already transferred to a larger 1250-gallon reef tank. Aside from the original fish, he now has Yellow Tank, clown fish, goby, a black sailfin blenny, hermit crabs, a lobster and a brightly-colored star fish.

The corals are mesmerizing – there’s a variety there, most of the purple brain coral, the blue Payona, and the Montipora capricornis. All of them are fascinating, with the colors accentuated by a UV light. No high-tech, out-of-ordinary features and maintenance routines were done for the tank, only pure dedication and patience. And that’s actually the single most important thing most hobbyists need learn.

Read the full write up HERE

Which Is Your Favorite Tank?

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    Although I’ve enjoyed freshwater fish most of my life. But I do enjoy the salt water tank and I love the variety of color and his placements of the corals. A lot of the tanks I’ve seen lack the color that he has accomlished. At first because of his color I thought it was artificial but pleasantly surprised to read it was real. t

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