Tank of the Month Roundup – May 2014

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Oh, the pain of leaving and moving on. That may very well be the theme for this month’s TOTMs as we hear about the drama and agony of tank owners having to leave or sell their tanks because they needed to move to another house. But the great story behind all these is that they all moved on and conquered their emotions.

At the risk of losing their adored aquariums again, they struggled to start over and build another, much bigger and definitely better tank.

That’s the lesson we get from this TOTM round up: Never give up against all odds! Read on and be inspired….

1. 1. Reefbloke’s (Tony’s) Deltec Reef

(from UltimateReef.net)

This 42” cube is a product of tenacity and dedication. The owner has truly demonstrated that when he decided to start all over after selling his first aquarium in 2011. The tank had been a consistent TOTM so you could imagine the pain of losing it because he had to transfer to a new house and couldn’t bring it. But then he didn’t give up and started to build a new tank and look what it is now – a true marvel that far surpasses his first beloved tank.

This Deltec laminate aquarium is around 6 feet in length and has everything you’d want to see in a marvelous reef tank. Interestingly, having this tank had been an afterthought to the owner who, because of what he says is a “tang addiction”, decided to upgrade the first tank he set up in his new house into what it is now – Reefbloke’s Reef.

The hues and motions in the tank are beautifully highlighted by the lighting system which is a unique mix of SOL, Vega and Hydra LED lights. The Deltec aquarium system works amazingly to keep the reef stable and healthy with not much work involved. Filtration, heating and supplementation are all from Deltec which are obviously efficiently working, and for that, Deltec deserves the accolade.

Finally, we salute the owner for living up to the true spirit of aquarists – brave and unwavering. We agree that we should cherish every moment of aquarium-keeping against all odds!

Read the full write up HERE

2. 2. Nicolas Le’s (Stonecold) 180-US Gallon Aquarium


(from ReefKeeping.com)

This tank is an underwater dream. The owner, who deserves the admiration and recognition he has been getting from his growing fans, acknowledges how Reef Central, Reefkeeping Magazine and his colleagues have influenced him to follow his passion. And, rightly so, there is not much a tank hobbyist can do without having an open mind and being willing to learn and take suggestions.

And again, this tank’s story is another inspiring story that teaches us not to give up. It’s a “try, try again until you succeed” kind of story that measure up to the other great reef keeping success stories we’ve known in recent years. The kindness shown by fellow hobbyists to share techniques, even trade secrets, and any other important information to help an aquarist in need is truly laudable.

So we think it is only appropriate to also give our salute to the community of aquarium keepers who help one another to make every home aquarium beautiful and thriving.

This stonecold aquarium is a 180-gallong acrylic that has an external overflow. It has a complete system, including a GEO 612 Calcium Reactor, a Medusa that controls the 300Watts heater and a Panworld 40xp return pump. What makes the tank uniquely attractive is that it is basically an SPS tank. The owner decided to focus on SPS instead of keeping a mix reef and that decision had been obviously the best decision he will ever make in his life as a tank keeper.

As a member of the community, Nicholas generously shares his secrets to success and outlines a few lessons that will benefit other hobbyists. In brief, the lessons are: keep it simple, do your research, do things one at a time and most importantly (and this we have repeatedly emphasized many times in this site), be patient.

Read the full write up HERE

3. Gena’s Tank

(from Nano-Reef.com)

Gena’s tank is a lesson about moving up and reaching for the higher goal. As she describes it, the tank is an upgrade from an upgrade – what a great way to demonstrate how we should always strive to develop our passion.

The tank is a custom 45 gallon Visio with a full system, including Reef Octopus skimmer, Eheim return pump, Crystal sump and an AquaController. It uses biological filtration via 2” sandbed and KPA live rock. The tank owes its stability to the Kalkwasser, as what Gena notes. We agree that having Kalk drip along with BRS bulk Kalk supplement, makes the water pH level sufficiently stable to allow a thriving reef. It takes patience to keep Kalk dripping and to have the ATO as backup and we hand it to Gena for doing this amazing feat with much success.

It does take hard work and 100% dedication. It is a delicate balance between keeping the systems in check and not overdoing the automation. Despite the challenges, Gena did not stop at having a smaller tank but pursued her goal of having this 45 gallon marvel. It’s not entirely true that having a bigger tank is easier than keeping a small one with a nano reef although we agree there’s some truth in that. However, there’s the caveat about getting bigger equipment, setting up more complicated systems and, of course, having a wider array of tank creatures. Nonetheless, we are amazed at the dedication, passion and patience this aquarist has shown – qualities that every hobbyist should strive to develop.

Read the full write up HERE

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