Tank of The Month Roundup Series 2014 2

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We would like to start the year with a happy note on how great the past year had been for HomeAquaria.com. Whatever we have accomplished, we owe much to our subscribers and all the indefatigable aquaria hobbyists out there who are always ready to share to the world their beautiful works of art/science – their aquarium.

So we are starting 2014 by launching this Tank of the Month Round-Up which will feature the best tanks in the business. This newest addition to HomeAquaria’s regular read will be a venue for recognizing great talent and unique creativity of aquarium keepers from all over the world.

To kick off this series, we have a collection of four of the best tanks featured between November-December 2013. Think of it of a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Without further ado, here are the first set of best tanks for the Tank of the Month Round-Up:

Tank of The Month Round-Up

1. Killi’s SPS heaven


From ultimatereef.com

This tank stands out because it is a product of perfection and careful attention to detail. As a whole, it is a marvel to behold; viewed piece by piece, it becomes a veritable lesson in aquarium keeping.

The tank’s front and side is made of opti-white glass. Zinc-coated steel frames support the entire 48 x 28 x 28 tank. Five types of colored lighting are installed to optically enhance the marine environment.

The process of keeping the tank clean and healthy was obviously well thought-out because the filtration, supplementation and monitoring systems departs from tradition yet works as effectively as the common and more complex aquarium systems.

For filtration, the tank uses live rock and Miracle Mud sump with 24/7 Cheato lighting. Iodine, calcium and FM salts are added to the water with the Kh kept stable via auto top up.

For water monitoring which is done twice a week, the ever reliable Elos kit is used to test the Kh, and a simple pin point meter is used to test the Ph.

Among the marine life that’s enjoying this tank are Purple Tangs, Wrangs and Dragonets. Invertebrates populate the tank, co-existing with over 30 species of corals. All this marine life living happily in the tank makes it vibrant and alive! Lucky creatures, indeed!

Find out more about this tank here: http://www.ultimatereef.net/TOTM/2013_november/

2. A Reef in the Sky


From Reefkeeping.com

Why is the tank called “A Reef in the Sky”? Try to look a little closer and you’ll see – it is paradise under water! Made with love by a husband and wife tandem, the tank is a piece of art that’s creatively equipped with advanced aquarium technology. And because the couple lives on the high floor of an apartment building, having a reef tank among the clouds makes for an exceptional spectacle.

A lot of reading and research was poured into the project and every ounce of effort and resources were all worth it. The reef tank is both stylish and automated, and definitely adherent to the Zeovit method. The Zeovit reactor, chiller and return pumps, as well as the carbon bag are housed in one section where the skimmer is also placed.Only a few live rock and shallow layer of sand are put in.

Interestingly, it is the skimmer that serves as the central filtration unit and the owners call their skimmer “the backbone” of their aquarium system. The skimmer is cleaned up weekly during water changes. An impressive electrical system keeps the tank alive, healthy and lovely. And no messy cables there, just a panel with neatly installed wires that winds through one section of the tank.

This Reef in the Sky is really something to look up to by avid aquarium fans!

See the Reef in the Sky for yourself here.

3. Polarcollision


From Nanoreef.com

The rhythms and life of the ocean – this, in its maker’s own words, best describes this tropical reef tank. It is said to soothe the soul and reminds you of the great ocean and vivid marine life.

What’s uniquely admirable about this tank is the husbandry as its inhabitants were grown from frags to interesting micro-algae, and thus were created with much patience and care.

This one year-old, 8-gallon reef tank uses CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand filtration system, an Eheim Jager heater, and Digital Aquatics controller. The tank is filled with distilled water mixed with Reef Crystals and Red Sea Pro.

To keep the tank clean, 30% of water is changed bimonthly, 2-part dosing is done, and filter flossing two times a week. Other additives are used as needed: RedSea Coral Colors (Iron, Iodine, Potassium, and other trace elements), Brightwell MicroBacter7, CoralAmino, and KoralColor.

Goby, Clowns and Bennies inhabit the tank along with a few invertebrates, and a wide variety of LPS and soft corals. Impressively, macro algae co-exist in the tank as well, including, among others, the unknown species ‘Red Branching’.

The tank is not only a sight to behold, it is a stock full of knowledge about marine life as well. Hats off to Polarcollission!

Read more about this tank here.

4. Starfish Enterprise


From Reef-face.com.uk

You won’t exactly find Dr. Spock in this inter-galactic tank but you will appreciate and marvel at the sense of innovation the owner has put into it.

This 24” x 24” x 12” tank had a lot of history behind it but presently it is a beautiful fish and coral reef paradise made of Optiwhite glass and fitted with Xaqua, and sits on a custom-built cabinet made out of an Ikea kitchen sink unit. The sump is custom built as well.

It has ATI Dimmable 8 x 24w Tubes with eclectic colors Narva blue, Gieseman pure Actinic, Gieseman Pink, Gieseman Blue. Its skimmer is Bubble Magus Nac QQ, heater is Aqua Medic Titanium (300w). For cooling, it uses 4x Azoo cooling fans.

About 15 kilograms of live rock helps in filtration. Around two liters of water is changed daily, skimmer is cleaned three to four times a week and the filter sock is change and cleaned every month. Testing is scheduled every Monday evening.

The tank is currently inhabited by a female dragon Pipefish (and will soon get a male partner) several species of invertebrates, including Harlequin Shrimps, Abalones, Scallops, Snails and Stomatella. A bunch of healthy corals that’s impressively colourful fill the tank.

The Starfish Enterprise has taken off and is blasting through your (home)space!

For more pictures and information on this tank, click here.

Your Thoughts

So, there you have it our first post under the Tank of The Month Roundup Series.

We would love to hear your opinions on this new series in the comments section below. Yay or Nay?

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  1. Reply Kathy K Feb 5,2014 11:20 pm

    I think this is a great idea. While the marine tanks are beautiful, I hope you will also feature freshwater tanks. These photos and their backstory offer great ideas for both the beginning hobbyist and veterans on creating a beautiful and functional aquarium environment. Keep it coming!

    • Reply Dennis H. Feb 6,2014 1:30 am

      Hi Kathy, thanks for the positive feedback!

      Yeah, I actually had a hard time finding forums that have a decent tank of the month write ups for freshwater tanks. Any suggestions would be helpful! :)

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